Giving with Your Heart | An American Heart Month Recap

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As we mentioned in our recent blog post, 12 Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy, February was American Heart Month. And since heart disease is the #1 cause of death worldwide, it seems fitting that a whole month would be set aside to help us all focus on preventing heart disease and all of the other life-threatening diseases associated with this horrendous disease. 

The American Heart Association (AHA), founded in 1924, is arguably one of the top organizations dedicated to “the reduction of death and disability from cardiovascular diseases including heart diseases and stroke.” And the association’s main goal is that “Every person deserves the opportunity for a full, healthy life.” The AHA, which now operates both in the USA and internationally, currently has 33 million volunteers worldwide who passionately work to fulfill the association’s mission and goal. 

Before the AHA was established, people with heart disease were often put on bed rest, and death was usually unavoidable. Dr. Paul Dudley, one of the six cardiologists responsible for forming the AHA, put it best: “We were living in a time of almost unbelievable ignorance about heart disease.” 

It’s inspiring to see all of the amazing accomplishments and steps taken by the AHA to treat and prevent heart disease in the last 98 years, and in addition to these efforts, the AHA is also a proponent of health education, offering articles about healthy living and health topics on their website. 

Since our main mission at The Transform App  is to help everyone live their best healthy, happy—and long—life possible, we 100% support the AHA and its mission and goals. In fact, during our Transform Coaching sale in February, we pledged to donate a percentage of all coaching program sales during the month to the American Heart Association. 

Due to the many new clients who joined the Transform Coaching family in February,

we're donating $500 to the American Heart Association,

and we couldn’t be more excited about and proud of this donation. 

We’d like to thank our coaching clients, our app users, and all those in our Facebook Transform App Users Community for your continued support and trust in what we’re doing. We are truly humbled and excited for the future!

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