Welcome to The Transform App Family, Ashley + Bernice!

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Our Transform App family is growing, and today, we’re introducing our two newest trainers
who will be in the app to guide you and help you achieve your transformation goals!

First up, Ashley Terry.

Ashley Terry

Ashley has been an athlete for as long as she can remember. In high school, she ran cross country and played basketball and softball, which is her all-time favorite sport. She even made her college softball team as a walk on! Ashley kept up her love of fitness after getting married and having babies, and when she had a tougher time losing the baby weight after each birth, she made it a bucket list item to one day participate in a bodybuilding show—standing on a stage in a teeny, tiny bikini with a magazine-ready body.

Ashley’s Transformation Journey

After having some success on her own on her path to check off that bucket list item, Ashley joined the Transform Coaching program and worked with Coach Toni. And yes, she says he can be intimidating at first, but he’s actually a teddy bear who likes to joke around. With Coach Toni’s help, with a lot of pushing herself more than ever before—both mentally and physically, and with a “take things one day at a time” attitude with her workouts, nutrition, and creating new habits, Ashley checked off that bucket list item and strutted on that bodybuilding stage—teeny, tiny bikini and all.

With all she’s learned and experienced, becoming a Transform Coach and trainer for The Transform App was a natural progression for Ashley. She’s been an incredible coach, and we know she’ll be a huge asset as a trainer in The Transform App!

Staying Consistent

Here are Ashley’s top 4 tips for staying consistent:
1. Make and keep small commitments to yourself—those power promises.
2. Make workouts a non-negotiable appointment with yourself.
3. Be flexible because life happens. Find ways to keep your promises—use out of the box thinking.
4. Keep your transformation necessities on hand…always. For Ashley, one necessity is protein.

Qualifications + Experience in the Transformation World

  • PN1 Nutrition Certification
  • Two-time bodybuilding competitor (2020 + 2021)
  • Avid Spartan Race competitor, completing the trifecta and qualifying for the world championship series in 2019.

More about Ashley

  • Ashley is married and has 3 boys and a dog, and they live in the same little town where both her and her husband grew up. (They’ve known each other since they were kids).
  • Ashley homeschools her boys, which allows them to take frequent road trips, and this year they hope to complete their goal of visiting all 48 contiguous states.
  • Ashley’s youngest son has a genetic syndrome called PACS1, and they have started an organization called “Mack’s Mission” to bring awareness and spread kindness into the world by helping others and paying it forward.
  • Ashley loves to read and cook, and she’s learning American Sign Language.
    The entire family loves baseball and will forever be Milwaukee Brewers fans.

Bernice Tomasso

Bernice’s fitness journey started in high school, and she’s always loved looking at fitness magazines and learning how to eat healthy, which has become a priority for her to be able to avoid the health issues that plague members of her family and to feel good from the inside out. Bernice battled an eating disorder in high school, and her journey to overcome this eating disorder helped her learn how to live a balanced lifestyle during her college years and beyond. She also dreamed of becoming a nutritionist and making a big impact helping people overcome obstacles in their health journey and to feel amazing about themselves.

Bernice’s Transformation Journey

Bernice dreamed of doing fitness modeling because she wanted to be an example of what fitness and eating healthy look like—living a balanced lifestyle—where extremes don’t have a place. While she was attending ASU, she taught weight training, nutrition (including eating disorders), and general health classes at her high school so she could help teenage girls feel confident.

Bernice started her coaching business in 2013, and she also started working and marketing events for different supplement companies, which enabled her to travel the US. She was motivated by all the incredible and influential people she met to continue on in her own fitness journey, learning how to master self-love, mindless eating, and carb counting and finding a balance in her life.

Staying Consistent

Here are Bernice’s top 5 tips for staying consistent:

  1. Choose healthier options for cravings.
  2. Keep an eye on portion sizes.
  3. Go to the gym (work out) regularly.
  4. Take rest days—listen to your body.
  5. Transformation is a lifestyle. When you have a rough week, just begin again.

Qualifications + Experience in the Transformation World

  • BS from ASU in Dietetics
  • Registered Nutritionist, NDTR (Nutrition and Dietetics Technicians, Registered)
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Creator of “Rise Up” and “Evolve Her,” programs which focus on mental empowerment, workouts, and nutrition.
  • Owner of Revive Nutrition Arizona, which offers protein shakes, clean energy drinks, protein coffees, and more as well as nutrition consultations.

More about Bernice

  • Bernice is a dog mom to a lab husky mix who has a sassy mind of her own.
  • She loves anything outdoors (hiking, biking, exploring new places, and so on).
  • Bernice loves to learn new things, and her next new things are painting, DIY crafts, taking golfing lessons, and learning how to shoot a bow and arrow.
  • She finally got her yoga headstands down and can’t wait to do more!
  • Bernice loves helping others and teaching women to embrace their most authentic self.
  • She’s a big-time coffee drinker. It’s her love language.

We are so excited to welcome Ashley and Bernice to The Transform App family, and we know they will be huge assets to all of us for years to come!

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