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At the beginning of every year, we start with the best intentions and create New Years Resolutions. But after 1 month, only 64% are successful at keeping their resolution. After 6 months, only 46% are still successful at keeping it. Let’s change this. 

Instead of starting a resolution, KEEP A PROMISE!


Each week we highlight different promises you can adopt and dive deep into how to keep each promise all year.

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Keep your promises and get rewarded! Unique prizes every week with multiple winners and an amazing grand prize!

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It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

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Download and check off each day you’ve kept your promise.

Share this progress with the community and become a winner.


Remind Yourself WHY.

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Remind yourself the importance of keeping your promises daily.

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The key is promises kept.

Shifting your focus to keeping your promises will simplify the process, help you build long lasting habits, confidence, and belief in yourself.

We’ll get there together, one promise at a time.

Receive support every step of the way with The Transform App, The Transform Team, and The Transform App Users Community.


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Chris Powell and our entire Transform a team have helped hundreds of thousands of amazing individuals build a foundation for lasting Transformation. Want to know a secret?? Hint, it’s not as complicated as you may think :)